Zvonimir Mihanovic's Revised Book - "Serenity in Croatia"

Night Fishing Fleet
Oil on Linen
39 5/8" X 75 3/4"

Mihanović filed away in the archive of his heart poetic scenes of Dalmatian sunrises, middays, and evenings. Eyes of a hypersensitive boy faithfully recorded each and every detail; pebbles disappearing into the deep blue of the sea, boats afloat on a glassy sea, small solitary harbors, stone cottages proud and solid in their simplicity, the shrubs making their way between the rock, rugged piers jutting out into the sea, skies resting upon calm waters, far and fading horizons. Rarely have artists so accurately and authentically transported the images of the Mediterranean to canvas. Although exact and precise, Mihanović’s landscapes are not a mechanical record of reality, but captured, idealized moments of silence and stillness. In the painting SVIČARICE (“Night Fishing Fleet”), the lanterned boats have returned to Kaštela from a long night of fishing. Leaving their boats at the dock, the men have departed with their catch, their well-worn equipment passed down from generation to generation. This is a nostalgic testament honoring the memories of old fishermen with whom Mihanović spent the major part of his childhood.

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