Zvonimir Mihanovic's Revised Book - "Serenity in Croatia"
Tranquil Pursuit
Oil on Linen
35 " X 55 1/4 "

It seems, in the paintings of Zvonimir Mihanović, that time has stopped: like flies caught in honey, his boats and villages rest peacefully in silence and stillness, yet – in spite of that – they are not lifeless. His technique has perfectly preserved the world he observes and the commitment to his motif speaks not only of balance between reason and passion, but also of his humility before Nature. Though it might appear that the heroine of one painting is a fishing boat or that the protagonist of another is an old, sturdy pier – central to all his works is the essence of Nature: light. The light of beautiful days and beautiful times, the synonym of Good and Peace.

That light – mild and diffusive – is time itself, a chosen time, weather, and season, which does not pass, but perpetually returns. It requires an artist who is able to wait, a patient man with steady hands and a confident stroke who binds the first ray of spring with the final diminishing ray of summer. Mute in the autumn and winter, he denies the reality of tides and offers an illusion of Permanence. People change, the boats are varied, the piers are altered, but time remains unchanged: serene, blissful, and bright.

Igor Zidić
Director, Modern Gallery, Zagreb
Editor, Matica Hrvatska, Publishing
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