Zvonimir Mihanovic's Revised Book - "Serenity in Croatia"

On Mihanović’s seascapes the waves have calmed down, the winds have stopped, and only a mild breeze remains, occasionally leaving ripples; the threatening horizon vanishes in the precarious distance where the sky meets the sea, and all is blended and united by a warm and gentle mist — The rowboats lazily float on the peaceful surface, silence revealing the bosom of the sea, showing strands and stones that easily sink towards the intimate depth, mirrored in the sea; the stone cottage on the beach glimpses its own peacefulness in this watery looking-glass; the lugger does not sail, its bow is not slashing the calm water, but halting at the pier, it postpones the command of an undetermined departure. All is shifted to the pole of tranquility; the element of unrest becomes a matter of stillness, and by a fine conversion, these paintings stop time by stopping the sea.

Dr. Peter Selem,
Director of Cultural Program “B” at UNESCO, Paris
and Professor of Art History at the Croatian University of Zagreb, Croatia
Oil on Linen
39 1/2" X 39 1/2 "
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