One of the primary reasons that Zvonimir Mihanovic's paintings are so desired and collected is the emotions that they portray. His paintings reach out and capture the yearning that eludes so many - serenity and peacefulness.
Zvonimir Mihanovic is considered a contempoary hyperrealist. To further define his paintings, he is a realist when he paints objects made by man’s hand (boats, houses); but when he depicts natural elements and phenomena (sea, sky, light) – works of God’s hand – he records only chosen moments of the day, and never rainy or stormy weather. Mihanovic paints what he loves - his beloved home Croatia, the Adriatic Sea and the lifelong memories of the timeless treasures of the Dalmatian Coast.

Ever Since my late father, Malcolm Forbes, acquired his first Mihanovic in 1981, the entire family has been under the soothing spell – the perfect tranquility that he succeeds in capturing in his meticulously rendered works. An exhibition of his paintings in late 2012 was one of the most popular shows ever held at the Forbes Magazine Galleries. Anyone having the privilege of enjoying his works today will not be surprised that this was so."

Christopher (Kip) Forbes
Vice Chairman
Forbes Publishing Company

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