Limited Edition

Lithograph-production is a complex and difficult process done by hand - by Mihanovic and a highly skilled lithographer.
First, a photograph is taken of the original painting that is being reproduced, then a transparency is made of the size of the lithograph. The transparency is placed on a light-table where Mihanovic starts separating the colors. For each individual color he sets a thin transparent foil and using a special graphic pencil, makes an outline of everything on the painting that contains that one specific color. In the end there are approximately 30 foils - one for each color. Afterwards, special printing plates are made based on each foil. These plates are used to create the lithograph on a manual printing press, one color at a time. This time consuming and delicate process has been mastered by Mihanovic and fifth generation master lithographers to provide the highest quality reproduction possible. Each image is signed and numbered by Mihanovic.


"My Grandfather's Village"
"My Private Bay"
"Return at Sunrise"
"Safe Harbor"
"Simple Pleasures"

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