(actual 900 x 619)

Good Catch

Oil on Linen
38.00 x 51.00 in
97 x 130 cm

The Adriatic Sea has over 1000 islands. Since ancient times, inhabitants produced and traded in wine and olive oil, and engaged in fishing. Even then, they built boats specifically intended for fishing, which was primarily a family business. The boats where usually about 7.5 meters long since that is the average distance between two waves in the Adriatic. It contributed to stable and safe sailing. Today’s modern fishing boats have not surpassed the efficiency of these ancient boats since they were very practical for fishing in this sea full of islands and reefs. Fishing was always a lucrative living and Adriatic fish is especially flavorful given its high salt and rich mineral content.

The type of boat in the painting is called a “Pasara.” It is 7.5 meters long and ideal for solo fishing expeditions. This fisherman threw a “vrsa” into the sea the night before. A vrsa is a type of cage made of reeds. Fish is lured inside with bait and then cannot escape. In the early morning, this fisherman has come to retrieve his catch. He is using two hands to pull the vrsa out since it is full of fish. He will sell half of his catch at the local fish market and keep the other half for his family. This tradition has been going on for thousands of years.

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